Opt-in req. from any eligible MGM Millions game. Min. 10p game stake req. with an extra 9p automatically added to progressive jackpot total. Winner picked at random. Progressive jackpot shared across the LeoVegas network. RTP of 70%. 18+. Full T&Cs apply.









MGM Millions


MGM Millions jackpot (the “Jackpot”) is a progressive jackpot operated by LeoVegas Gaming PLC (“we” or “our”) as available on (“BetMGM”). This is a pooled progressive jackpot which benefits from a network of operators in a number of jurisdictions and is exclusive to selected websites and applications of the LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group.

In order to participate in the Jackpot, you must be opted into the Jackpot and be playing a game associated with the Jackpot.

Games associated with the Jackpot can be identified in the ‘Game Info’ page of the relevant casino game.

With every Jackpot bet, a portion of your stake is automatically added to the Jackpot.

The portion of your stake automatically added to the Jackpot is £0.09 per Jackpot bet (“Jackpot Bet”) and cannot be changed. This is entirely separate to the wager placed on the associated game. By opting in, you agree to be charged in addition to your wager for the Jackpot Bet, which will be deducted from your account on every game round on the associated game. You can opt out at any time in the Jackpot frame.

A minimum bet of £0.10 in real money is required in the associated game for the wager to qualify to make a Jackpot Bet.

The deduction of the Jackpot Bet will be reflected in your account balance after the following game round in the associated game.

The Jackpot win can trigger on any game round, and the winner is determined by a certified random number generator (RNG). The Jackpot will display as a wheel which automatically spins and is divided into coloured segments, being a Mega, Major, Minor or a Mini Jackpot (see clause 16 below for more information) . Each segment is associated with a different progressive jackpot contribution and where the wheel stops, will randomly determine which progressive jackpot you are eligible to win.

If you win a Jackpot, it is immediately locked for that game round and is not available to any other players. This means that only one player can claim a jackpot at any one time. Therefore, it is technically not possible to have two simultaneous wins of the same jackpot.

If you win a Jackpot, you will be notified immediately. A Jackpot win will be subject to verification and review by BetMGM, following which, if successful, your winnings will automatically be transferred to your account. All decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

If you are opted-in to the Jackpot when any Jackpot is won, you will receive a notification within 30 seconds.

The current Jackpot amount is displayed at the bottom of the screen, in the Jackpot frame.

The Jackpot values displayed in the Jackpot bar are updated as frequently as possible but may be delayed by up to 30 seconds. On rare occasions, two Jackpots may be won within those 30 seconds, in which case the win of the second Jackpot is the new re-seeded Jackpot which will have been created since the Jackpot was and won therefore will be smaller, than the Jackpot won immediately before. The amount paid out is the Jackpot value on the casino server when a Jackpot is won. Every effort is made to ensure that the Jackpot value displayed in the Jackpot bar is the same as the one on the casino server however this can be subject to technical errors and therefore may be incorrect. We will use all reasonable endeavors to notify you should this amount have been incorrect during your gameplay and therefore need to have been corrected.

The displayed Jackpot win can, due to rounding due to items such as foreign or currency exchange, marginally differ from the actual win.

There is no upper limit on progressive Jackpot values.

MGM Millions contains a Mega, Major, Minor and Mini Jackpot, Every Jackpot Bet placed by a player is used to fund all four of the progressive jackpots. The following contributions are made from each Jackpot Bet:

  • 10.50% of the Jackpot Bet is contributed to the MINI Jackpot, of which 25% goes to seeding the next Jackpot.

  • 21% of the Jackpot Bet is contributed to the MINOR Jackpot, of which 10% goes to seeding the next Jackpot.

  • 21% of the Jackpot Bet is contributed to the MAJOR Jackpot, of which 20% goes to seeding the next Jackpot.

  • 17.50% of the Jackpot Bet is contributed to the MEGA Jackpot, of which 20% goes to seeding the next Jackpot.

When a Jackpot is won, the minimum start-up value for the next Jackpot is:

  • MINI: £4.50

  • MINOR: £90

  • MAJOR: £9,000

  • MEGA: £4,500,000

The RTP of the Jackpot is 70%.

The RTP of the associated game is wholly separate and does not affect the Jackpot. The RTP of the related games may differ; please see the game rules in each associated game for its RTP value. If the communication between BetMGM and the Jackpot server fails, the game becomes unavailable. There will be no contributions or claims towards the Jackpot. The Jackpot amount remains the same until the communication is resumed.

BetMGM reserves the right to discontinue the Jackpot at any time. Wherever possible, player contributions that have already been made to a Jackpot that is discontinued will be put forward to a future Jackpot.

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