Get ready for the golden era of sports with golf betting at BetMGM.


We offer outstanding odds on all the best golfing events from around the world, including The Masters, the Ryder Cup, the US Open, and more.


Choose from a variety of golf betting markets and make your predictions both ahead of the competition and while it’s happening.

Some of our most popular golf betting markets include:

  • Outright Winner: Predict a player to win a tournament.
  • Group Winner: Name the golfer who wins their respective group.
  • Top Three: Predict the players finishing in the top three.
  • Top 20: Back a player to finish in the top 20 of the competition.
  • Remember, you can combine your predictions with our bet builder for the chance at even bigger payouts!


Live betting on golf is the opportunity to place bets in reaction to what’s happening on the fairways and the green.

Unlike fast-paced sports such as football or tennis, there is more time to recalibrate and re-strategise when live betting on golf with golfers taking upwards of 15 minutes to arrive at the next hole.


Majors attract the greatest players in golf. This means bettors have to consider all kinds of potential outcomes. Handicaps, course conditions, a golfer's playing partner, individual track records in big competitions, all are variables that could play a factor here.


How do golf bets work?

Golf bets are wagers placed on the outcome of a golf tournament. Bettors can choose to wager on the winner, their score relative to par, or other outcomes that may be determined during play.

How do ties work in golf betting?

In golf betting, a tie occurs when two or more players have an equal score at the end of the round. In most competitions, a tiebreaker will then determine who the winner is.

How does each way betting work in golf?

In golf, each way betting involves placing two bets on one selection – one bet to win the event outright (the 'win' bet) and one bet that the selection will finish in the top places of the event (the 'place' bet). If the selection wins, both bets payout. However, if it only places, then only the place bet will win.

What happens to a golf bet if a player withdraws?

If a player withdraws from a golf tournament before the event begins, the wager is usually cancelled and any associated funds returned to the bettor. If a player withdraws during an ongoing event the bet may stand.

What is two-ball betting in golf?

Two-ball betting in golf is a type of wager where you can bet on the match outcome between two players. Depending on the tournament, it usually involves predicting who will score the lowest after 18 holes or more.

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