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Format of the Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is an international song competition held annually in varying locations around Europe. It is organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), who tasks each participating country to submit an original song to be performed live over the course of a week.

Half of the participating countries perform in the First Semi-Final while the remaining half performs in the Second Semi-Final. In each Semi-Final, the top 10 most voted countries of the evening gain their ticket to Saturday’s Grand Final.

The ‘Big Five’ countries do not compete in the Semi-Finals but go straight to the Final. Any country not named in the ‘Big Five’ that won the previous year will also automatically qualify.

The ‘Big Five’ countries in the Eurovision Song Contest are:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

After all songs have been performed each night, the participating countries will give two sets of points to their favourite songs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12). One set given by a jury of five music industry professionals from that country, and another by the viewers from each country watching from home.

The only restriction here is that each country can’t vote for themselves and must vote for another participating country.

The full results of the competition are then revealed, with the winning country earning their place in history and the right to host the next Eurovision Song Contest.

When & where is Eurovision held this year?

The 68th annual Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden this year. This comes after Loreen’s impressive win with her song ‘Tattoo’, as was predicted by the Eurovision betting odds in the run-up to the big event.

Here are the dates and times for Eurovision 2024:

  • The First Semi-Final: Tuesday 7th May 2024 at 8:00pm
  • The Second Semi-Final: Thursday 9th May 2024 at 8:00pm
  • The Grand Final: Saturday 11th May 2024 at 8:00pm

The participants in this year’s First Semi-Final are:

  • 1) Silia Kapsis representing Cyprus with ‘Liar’
  • 2) TEYA DORA representing Serbia with ‘RAMONDA’
  • 3) Silvester Belt representing Lithuania with ‘Luktelk’
  • 4) Bambie Thug representing Ireland with ‘Doomsday Blue’
  • 5) alyona alyona & Jerry Heil representing Ukraine with ‘Teresa & Maria’
  • 6) LUNA representing Poland with ‘The Tower’
  • 7) Baby Lasagna representing Croatia with ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’
  • 8) Hera Björk representing Iceland with ‘Scared of Heights’
  • 9) Raiven representing Slovenia with ‘Veronika’
  • 10) Windows95man representing Finland with ‘No Rules!’
  • 11) Natalia Barbu representing Moldova with ‘In The Middle’
  • 12) FAHREE feat. Ilkin Dovlatov representing Azerbaijan with ‘Özünlə Apar’
  • 13) Electric Fields representing Australia with ‘One Milkali (One Blood)’
  • 14) iolanda representing Portugal with ‘Grito’
  • 15) TALI representing Luxembourg with ‘Fighter’

Aside from these participants, the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden (two of the ‘Big Five’ plus last year’s winner respectively) will also be allowed to vote during the First Semi-Final.

This year, Olly Alexander will represent the United Kingdom with ‘Dizzy’, ISAAK will represent Germany with ‘Always On The Run’, while Marcus & Martinus will represent Sweden with ‘Unforgettable’.

The participants in this year’s Second Semi-Final are:

  • 1) Sarah Bonnici representing Malta with ‘Loop’
  • 2) BESA representing Albania with ‘TITAN’
  • 3) Marina Satti representing Greece with ‘ZARI’
  • 4) Nemo representing Switzerland with ‘The Code’
  • 5) Aiko representing Czechia with ‘Pedestal’
  • 6) Kaleen representing Austria with ‘We Will Rave’
  • 7) SABA representing Denmark with ‘SAND’
  • 8) LADANIVA representing Armenia with ‘Jako’
  • 9) Dons representing Latvia with ‘Hollow’
  • 10) MEGARA representing San Marino with ‘11:11’
  • 11) Nutsa Buzaladze representing Georgia with ‘Firefighter’
  • 12) Mustii representing Belgium with ‘Before The Party's Over’
  • 13) 5MIINUST x Puuluup representing Estonia with ‘(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi’
  • 14) Eden Golan representing Israel with ‘Hurricane’
  • 15) Gåte representing Norway with ‘Ulveham’
  • 16) Joost Klein representing the Netherlands with ‘Europapa’

Other than the countries mentioned above, France, Spain and Italy (the remaining three of the ‘Big Five’) will also be allowed to vote during the Second Semi-Final.

This year, Slimane will represent France with ‘Mon amour’, Nebulossa will represent Spain with ‘ZORRA’, while Angelina Mango will represent Italy with ‘La Noia’.

Previous Eurovision Winners

The first Eurovision Song Contest took place in 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland, making this year’s event the 68th edition. This year is extra special as it’s also 50 years since ABBA's iconic win in 1974 with 'Waterloo'.

Let’s look back on the last 10 winners of Eurovision:

  • 2023: Loreen representing Sweden with ‘Tattoo’
  • 2022: Kalush Orchestra representing Ukraine with ‘Stefania’
  • 2021: Måneskin representing Italy with ‘Zitti e buoni’
  • 2020: Cancelled
  • 2019: Duncan Laurence representing the Netherlands with ‘Arcade’
  • 2018: Netta representing Israel with ‘Toy’
  • 2017: Salvador Sobral representing Portugal with ‘Amar Pelos Dois’
  • 2016: Jamala representing Ukraine with ‘1944’
  • 2015: Måns Zelmerlöw representing Sweden with ‘Heroes’
  • 2014: Conchita Wurst representing Austria with ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’

Who is the favourite to win Eurovision this year?

These are the current favourites to win the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden this year:

  • Nemo representing Switzerland with ‘The Code’
  • Baby Lasagna representing Croatia with ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’
  • Angelina Mango representing Italy with ‘La Noia’
  • Joost Klein representing the Netherlands with ‘Europapa’
  • alyona alyona & Jerry Heil representing Ukraine with ‘Teresa & Maria’
  • Slimane representing France with ‘Mon amour’
  • Mustii representing Belgium with ‘Before The Party’s Over’
  • Marina Satti representing Greece with ‘ZARI’
  • Eden Golan representing Israel with ‘Hurricane’
  • Marcus & Martinus representing Sweden with ‘Unforgettable’

How to bet on Eurovision

To bet on Eurovision, simply select from the various options above. We offer Eurovision odds on various outcomes, such as the total number of points for the winning song, who will finish in the top 10, last place in the competition overall, and so much more.

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