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High-end games for the most premium tastes, introducing BetMGM’s outstanding selection of VIP casino tables.

What are VIP Tables?

VIP tables at BetMGM are enhanced games made for high-rollers looking to bet big with a chance to win even bigger. They are high-stakes experiences showcasing top-tier gaming across a wide variety of games.

Roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, we offer the best VIP casino tables, including exclusive titles you won’t find anywhere else. Try your hand at Blackjack Diamond VIP, play VIP Baccarat Live for the chance to win big, or run the roulette wheel alongside other VIPs in BetMGM Roulette.

All of our premium tables are streamed live in high definition and hosted by the most professional dealers for your entertainment. Take a seat at the table or play private games one-on-one against your own expert dealer. The choice is yours.

What is the Difference Between VIP and Other Tables?

Though the rules of each game are the same, VIP tables are very different to the standard versions you might be familiar with: Higher Stakes: Some VIP games allow wagers of up to £10,000, with some accepting even higher amounts. Higher Rewards: Winning at one of our VIP casino tables will reward players with a very high payout. Luxury Themes: VIP lobbies showcase some of the best backdrops and themes to create an unmatched sense of immersion. Quicker Gameplay: VIP table games tend to run quicker as high-rollers are often already aware of the rules. Premium Experiences: VIP tables are reserved for players with the most premium tastes, meaning you’ll never have to wait for a seat.

Premium Experience with BetMGM VIP Tables

Designed to deliver the ultimate casino experience, our VIP tables are undeniably unique. They are also among some of the best-looking games we have at BetMGM.

These tables feature the most plush backdrops and themes, the majority inspired by some of the iconic casinos found on the Las Vegas Strip. The look of our VIP casino tables exudes luxury, as does the service received.

Take a chance on top-tier versions of your favourite casino games while receiving expert services from our experienced dealers. Answer questions, provide insight, explain the rules; they can do it all. VIPs can engage with dealers at any time using the live chat function.

In some games, VIP players have full control over when they’d like a fresh hand to be dealt and when to change the dealer. This level of control is exclusive to these types of games.

High Stakes Table Games

Every game is an event when you take a seat at one of our premium tables and place your bets. The high-stakes aspect of each game creates a unique environment for players, as potential winnings are significantly higher to match.

The minimum wagering requirement varies from table to table. Some are playable from £10, others up to £1,000. Every game will outline the minimum and maximum wager amount somewhere on-screen for reference. The value of your wager is represented by a series of coloured casino chips.

Playing certain VIP games also gives you the chance to win our supersized jackpot! VIP games such as Royal Blackjack VIP, Live VIP Roulette, and Live VIP Blackjack are all MGM Millions games, meaning you have an additional chance to win an extraordinary amount of money.

Popular VIP Casino Table Games

From Live VIP Roulette to Blackjack Diamond VIP, our VIP tables are an entertainment experience. Other popular VIP casino table games at BetMGM include:

  • Emerald VIP Blackjack
  • Super Stake Blackjack VIP
  • Soirée Elite VIP Blackjack
  • Ruby VIP Blackjack

And many more

We encourage all VIP players to gamble responsibly. To learn more about our safer gambling tools and how you can stay safe at BetMGM, see our dedicated safer gambling page.

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